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EUROCORES (European Collaborative Research Projects)

The EUROCORES (European Collaborative Research) Scheme is a unique framework offered by the European Science Foundation (ESF) to promote collaborative research, networking and dissemination while targeting broad and complex topics of research across all scientific domains at the European level and in a global context.
The research funding as well as funding for coordination and networking come from national funding organisations, but the thrusts are not nationally or strategically driven but rather researcher lead and in consultation with the participating funding organisations. We are working to promote and stimulate European collaborative research which is of the highest quality, innovative and investigator driven, in and across all scientific areas.

EUROCORES enables researchers to work in joint research projects with colleagues in other European countries and beyond, whilst the funding remains national. The EUROCORES Programmes within the scheme address research questions which require cooperation crossing national borders and disciplinary boundaries. The high quality international peer review operated by ESF, which is the basis for the national funding decisions, creates a quality bench mark for national research projects.


Please note that there will not be any Calls for Outline Proposals in 2011.

Since the level of financial commitments expressed by the ESF Member Organisations did not reach the required viability threshold for the five themes selected in 2010 for launch in 2011, namely EuroCompMath, EuroTROP, EuroACSIS, EuroLGBT and OMEGA, the development of the five themes is discontinued. The resulting calls for outline proposals will therefore not be launched. Moreover,

Please note that there will not be a Call for EUROCORES Themes in 2011.

This decision was taken in the context of the current discussions between ESF and EUROHORCS (European Heads of Research Councils) about the ways in which their relationship could be better developed to serve European science:



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