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FP 7


UEFISCDI implementeaza o serie de proiecte internationale  finantate din fonduri europene prin programul cadru 7 al Comisiei Europene:

  • eDIGIREGION - Realising the Digital Agenda Through Transnational Cooperation Between Regions
  • INCOMERA - Innovation and Commercialisation in the NMP thematic area

In cadrul Schemei de finantare de tip ERA-NET UEFISCDI implementeaza urmatoarele proiecte:  

  • ERA-MBT - Marine biotechnology ERA-NET
  • ERA.Net RUS Plus – Further linking Russia to the ERA: Coordination of MS/ AC S&T programmes towards and with Russia
  • FLAG-ERA - FET Flagship ERA-NET
  • ERA-MIN ERA-NET – Network on the Industrial Handling of Raw Materials for European Industries
  • COFASP - Cooperation in Fisheries, Aquaculture and Sea food Processing
  • ERASysAPP - Systems Biology Applications
  • M-ERA.NET - ERA-NET on research on materials science and engineering
  • MARTEC II  - Maritime Technologies as an ERA-NET
  • MANUNET II - Manufacuring Research
  • SIINN ERA-NET – Safe Implementation of Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • ERA-IB-2 - Towards an ERA in Industrial Biotechnology
  • SUSFOOD - Sustainable Food
  • NEURON II - Network of European Funding for Neuroscience Research
  • EuroNanoMed II - EUROpean network of transnational collaborative RTD projects in the field of NANOMEDicine

Detalii despre proiectele internationale incheiate se pot regasi la urmatoarele adrese:

  • WatEUr - Tackling European Water Challenges
  • CSA OCEANS - Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans
  • VERA - Forward Visions on the European Research Area
  • RIFI - Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
  • FUTURAGE - A  Roadmap for Ageing Research in Europe
  • I-SEE Mob - Inter-sectoral mobility of researchers in South-Eastern Europe

iar despre proiectele de tip ERA-NET incheiate la adresele:

  • E-RARE 2 - ERA-NET for Research Programmes on Rare Diseases
  • SEAS – ERA - Towards Integrated Marine Research Strategy and Programmes
  • CROSSTEXNET - Weaving the Textile European Research Area
  • ERA-AGE Ext - ERA-AGE Extension
  • BS-ERA.NET - Networking on Science and Technology in the Black Sea Region
  • MNT II ERA-NET - From Micro and Nanoscale Science to New Technologies for Europe
  • NET-HERITAGE  - European Net on Research Programme applied to the Protection of Tangible Cultural Heritage
  • ERACOBUILD - Strategic networking of RDI Programmes in Construction and Operation of BUILDings
  • ERA-IB  - Towards an ERA in Industrial Biotechnology
  • NEURON ERA-NET - Network of European Funding for Neuroscience Research
  • EuroNanoMed  - EuroNanoMed ERA-NET - “Nano from research to patient and industry”


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