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Research Conferences

Fostering collaboration across disciplines and generations

The ESF Research Conferences Scheme provides the opportunity for leading scientists and young researchers to meet for discussions on the most recent developments in their fields of research. It acts as a catalyst for creating new synergistic contacts throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

It develops principally through the establishment of long-term partnerships between the ESF and national and international organisations, including universities. Each partnership funds a series of conferences which focuses on the same topical area and takes place at a recurring venue. Individual conference topics are either selected by ESF and its partners, taking into account their strategic interests, or are generated through an open call for proposals announced at the beginning of each year.

ESF’s ambition is to create a clear ‘brand name’ for the conferences and a predictable relation for the scientific community, by linking each venue to a certain disciplinary area.

ESF Research Conferences are open to scientists world-wide, whether from academia or industry. Conferences may be single events, or series, usually with a biennial meeting focusing on specific aspects of the same general topic. Topics are at the forefront of scientific research and interdisciplinary when appropriate.

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