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New reserach opportunities

The Human Spaceflight and Operation Directorate of European Space Agency is announcing two new research opportunities:

  • an opportunity to propose investigations in medicine, physiology and psychology, using the unique environment of Concordia station in Antartica as a human exporation analogue (AO-13-Concordia)
  • an opportunity to propose life science research using the human spaceflight analogue "Bed Rest" (AO-13-BR).

These opportunities are part of the ELIPS (European Life and Physical Sciences) programme, which covers the European utilisation of the International Space Station as well as various ground-based sites and autonomus mission platforms like drop towers, parabolic flights and sounding rockets.

The complete text of the two Announcements of Opportunity and related templates can be found via the webpage:


Contact person:
Dr. Oliver Anger
Tel:+31 855607603


(articol actualizat in: 12/11/2013)
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