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WFSF Award for Futures Institutions 2014: UEFISCDI Bucharest, Romania

UEFISCDI is a great inspiration to other institutions coming into the futures studies field particularly those who decide to become institutional members of WFSF.”

Implicarea, sustinerea si promovarea proiectelor si activitatilor orientate spre studiul viitorului, o abordare moderna de responsabilizare a generatiilor viitoare, au adus recunoasterea meritelor pe plan international  a UEFISCDI.

"WFSF Award for Futures Institutions 2014: UEFISCDI Bucharest, Romania
The Executive Agency for Higher Education Research Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI), Bucharest, Romania, for their outstanding contribution to the global development of Futures Studies and Foresight over several years, particularly in Central & Eastern Europe.

We wish to award UEFISCDI, Bucharest, Romania, directed by Professor Adrian Curaj, the WFSF Award for Futures Institution, 2014. We have chosen UEFISCDI in order to honour the outstanding work they have done for five years to 2014 in furthering the vision and aims of WFSF to bring futures thinking to a broad global audience and to engage in long-term, big-picture, radical change.

We would like the award to be accepted by Professor Adrian Curaj, General Director of UEFISCDI since 2010. Professor Curaj has been an outstanding and inspirational leader in fostering the development of futures studies and foresight in Romania


Acest premiu confirma pozitia de lider regional si continuitatea studiilor prospective in Romania (incepand cu Acad. Mircea Malita in anii '70).

World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) este o organizatie, infiintata in anul 1960, care incurajeaza si promoveaza dezvoltarea, in toata lumea, a studiului viitorului ca o ramura transdisciplinara academica si profesionala. WFSF functioneaza ca o retea a practicienilor din domeniu – cercetatori, profesori, studenti,  analisti de politici - din aproximativ 60 de tari.

(articol actualizat in: 22/12/2014)
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